warehouse party

Pandora’s Inaugural Warehouse Party Will Be Held At An Iconic Top-Secret Location In Sydney


With more than 80 live events each year in the US, go-to music source site Pandora now brings its party throwing expertise to Sydney!
Pandora is renowned for its events across the US, including the Pandora Discovery Den at SXSW (Austin), Pandora Holiday (NYC) and Pandoras biggest event, the legendary Summer Crush (LA).
With such a diverse line-up, Pandora’s Warehouse Party is one party you won’t want to miss!

CARMADA Had Us Dancing All Night at Their Secret Sydney Gig!


If you recall, a couple of weeks ago, #the5to9life announced that we had been invited to a secret gig in Sydney headlined by Aussie dance duo CARMADA and on top of that, we gave away a double pass to some lucky winners.

Well, that particularly gig happened and we had one helluva night. Here’s what we remember.. đŸ˜‰