VESTIGE: Gas Pedal (Remix)


Trap x Hip Hop. Sounds like a weird combination, right?

But VESTIGE makes it work with this remix of Sage The Gemini’s ‘Gas Pedal’. Check it out.

He’ll have you bouncing in no time AND I bet you won’t be able to get those two words out of your head. Ha.

Ta-ku: Love Lost // Soundcloud Community Interview



I know I’m always posting pieces on this particular producer but that’s because he’s always releasing new music. Or in the case of this week, he released a new song, and an interview that he did with Soundcloud – both of which are free to download.

The Perth beatmaker is really making the rest of us look bad. For those of us (myself included) trying to fit in a creative lifestyle and balance it with whatever else we have going on in our lives, it just seems like Ta-ku does not sleep – at all.

Read on for his latest release and the exclusive interview with Soundcloud.