Local To Local Vocalist LOTUS Talks To Us About Music, Balance & Inspirations


We recently premiered his new lush single ‘TPE’ and today, we’d like to share an interview with Melbourne’s LOTUS (from the collective Local to Local) where we talked to him about how he got his start in the industry, what inspires him, and what makes a good session in the studio.
Read on to find out more about the Melbourne vocalist.

Premiere: Local to Local’s Lotus Emerges With ‘TPE’


There’s a new group from Melbourne that are currently making waves and they should definitely be on your radar too.
Local to Local (made up of LARKS, Anbar, Lotus & Kiid Koda) are four individual artists who have combined their talents to form a collaborative crew and recently released their “One Day” mixtape, a record full of soul, R&B, trap and club sounds, with a new single to be released each week.
Check out the premiere of their new single ‘TPE’ right now.