Tiny Desk Concerts

Oddisee Brings ‘The Good Fight’ to NPR and Australia


Rapper-producer Oddisee doesn’t need a whole lot of words to make a statement. But with his latest record, ‘The Good Fight’ it’s the words that he’s used to tell stories through his lyrics and songwriting that really make an impact.

Check out when he visited the NPR office recently and find out details of when he’ll be visiting our shores.

Tiny Desk Concerts: BANKS


Tiny Desk Concerts often require creative and logistical transformations, from electric bands going acoustic to big bands squashing into a tiny space to many players gathering around a single microphone. But the setting is particularly challenging for vocalists, especially those accustomed to heavy production, like BANKS, whom I’ve written about a handful of times.

She is the latest guest to appear in the NPR office as part of the Tiny Desk Concerts series and her performance is nothing short of amazing. Sweet, sultry and stripped down in an acoustic-esque setting.

Love. Love. Love.