The Vegetable from Inside the Mountain

Product Review: Crumpler’s Vis-À-Vis


Just over six weeks ago, I made a brave, scary and somewhat exciting decision to go travelling – all by my lonesome.

The great people at Crumpler heard about my solo adventure and offered to provide me with some new luggage for the trip.

Check out my review of their new 68cm check-in trunk – the Vis-À-Vis.

Product Review: Crumpler’s Flock of Horror


Crumpler’s The Flock of Horror is a travel laptop bag with a unique fold-top opening that gives it a distinct hipster look. This is not your ordinary, boring laptop bag. It aims to be different.

Check out my thoughts on a laptop bag that provides more than just space for your laptop. It’s versatile, durable, hip, and trendy.

*Laptop not included.

Crumpler: The Vegetable from Inside the Mountain


Crumpler has recently launched a new women’s backpack and it’s looking pretty damn nice, if you ask me.

The name is a little strange but does that really matter? What really matters is the functionality and quality of what the bag can offer and this bag definitely packs a punch!