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Event Review: Bloggers Dinner hosted by Mr Scruff’s


Mr Scruff’s could be described as many things: a bar, a beer garden, an option for a meal, an art gallery or just a nice spot to hang with your mates.

So how do Mr Scruff’s see themselves? As an immobolised food truck.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, food trucks are all the rage – all over the world – but it’s only really started to effect in Australia within the last year or so.

Mr Scruff’s has decided to turn the food truck on its head, by staying put in one location but offering the same great experience of casual dining where locals can often be found enjoying a drink in one hand and having a bite to eat with the other.

“Party Bags”


There’s a new event happening in the streets of Melbourne and it kicks off next Friday, 29th June. Presented by The Library Bag and Party Aids, it is launching at the Revolver Bandroom as a night for you to discover untapped local talent, live on stage.

An Interview with Mell Hall


The 5 to 9 Life is launching a new category with interviews via the “After Dark Adventures”. Expect to see and read interviews with many different individuals who all hold one characteristic: talent. Talent in a creative field namely. Talented individuals that you should all get to know a little better.

And the first is my friend from Melbourne: Melinda Hall of The Library Bag.