Tei Shi

Tei Shi Wants You To Come and ‘Get It’


Tei Shi has been able to rise above the rest in pop music, and in such a crowded scene, this is a pretty remarkable feat.

She’s done her part by releasing consistently quality pop music that, alongside her angelic vocals, has always been something you can appreciate and remember.

Check out her latest single/video.

Tei Shi: Go Slow


The buzz is growing for Brooklyn artist Tei Shi – and rightfully so.

Releasing the third single from her upcoming ‘Verde EP’, Tei Shi delivers yet another stellar track in the form of ‘Go Slow’.


Tei Shi: Bassically


Brooklyn’s Tei Shi is back with a new single (+ visuals) and has ‘Bassically’ taken it up a notch.

Her new single is a dark pop song with stretching vocals that entice us and leaves us wanting more, more, more!

Tei Shi: See Me


Tei Shi is quickly becoming THE artist to be excited about. And if you’re sitting there still deciding if you should or not, the rest of the world is already one step ahead of you. Her previous release, ‘Bassically’ went straight to #1 on Hype Machine, and this new single ‘See Me’ is quickly following in its footsteps.

So the question to you is, are you going to just sit there or are you gonna jump on board?