Record Review: IAMNOBODI – Elevated


‘Elevated’ by German producer IAMNOBODI was released at the beginning of the month and I admit, I’ve been sitting on it for awhile.

Not that I haven’t been listening to it, because believe me, I can’t get enough of it – honestly.

The album as a whole, is, without a doubt, at its best when enjoyed straight through, but there are definitely still a couple of standout tracks, that I would happily add to my ultimate playlist for the upcoming season of Summer.

Give ‘Elevated’ a spin and you might consider doing the same.

Sundays: Delicate


Newcomer Sundays has delivered a low-key bedroom jam, aptly titled ‘Delicate’.

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, the female RnB vocalist also self-produced the single in which she pours her heart out.

This is one of those emotional ballads I could listen to every single day of the year.