Nike Sportswear: Fall 2014


Whilst the entire Fall collection from Nike should be celebrated and shared with the world, it’s the Sportswear collection from the Fall 2014 collection that I’ve chosen to highlight for this particular write-up.

Trying to juggle two lives, the Sportswear collection features pieces that I can see myself incorporating into both my corporate and creative life with some clever and subtle styling.

Don’t worry fellas, you’re included in this post. đŸ˜‰

A Decade of Sneakers


For the last ten years, sneakers have been seen as more than just something we wear to cover our feet. They have been a cultural expression (and for some, an obsession) and an icon of modern times.

In today’s society, sneakers have become a design art form and to many, they make a person’s outfit. Not to sound too superficial, but they are your visual identity. Your shoes represent who you are and what you’re into; what culture you’re part of.

So, what culture are you apart of?

Nike Sportswear: Tech Pack


Nike has released a new campaign to promote the future of Nike Sportswear with the upcoming Nike Tech Pack collection.

The teaser video for the campaign features 17 of their top athletes in the world, including Theo Walcott, Jack Wilshere, Paul Rodriguez and Maria Sharapova.

Nike: Late Winter 2013


Nike’s Late Winter range for 2013 brings an emphasis on innovation and flexibility throughout the collection, and within this post, you’ll see and read about my favourites for both men and women.

Check out pieces from three categories: Training, Sportswear and Running.