rochelle jordan

Rochelle Jordan – Back In The Day


Who doesn’t reminisce about things that happened in the past…?

This song really hit me when I heard it the first time.

Just as Rochelle Jordan reminisces about a particular relationship from her past, i couldn’t help but think about my own experiences..

Illangelo x Rochelle Jordan: What The Fuss


Rochelle Jordan is creating that future R&B sound with her latest hit, teaming up with fellow Canadian, producer Illangello – best known for his work behind The Weeknd’s Trilogy mixtape.

Have a listen to the short (Maybe a little too short.) but sweet number.

Rochelle Jordan: Shotgun


This post has been a long time coming. I meant to post it a couple weeks ago after watching the first episode of H∆SHTAG$.

The only thing that prompted me to do it now is I can’t get the hook of ‘Shotgun’ outta my head. Seriously.

This is moody, well-produced and forward-thinking RnB.