pharrell williams

LION BABE: Wonder Woman


LION BABE are back again!

The music already speaks for itself, but with the assistance of Pharrell on their latest single, ‘Wonder Woman’, the execution is absolutely flawless.

Teaming up the vocal range of Jillian Hervey with the killer melodies of producer Pharrell Williams, this collaboration was really a no-brainer.

Nardwuar vs. Pharrell Williams (2013)


The latest clip from the Nardwaur vault sees the Human Serviette square off with the one-and-only Pharrell Williams.

At this year’s SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, the two were able to discuss Pharrell’s love for The Isley Brothers, his first “brownie” experience, details regarding his early musical career and much more.

Pharrell: Places and Spaces I’ve Been


This post may seem like I’ve overdosed on all things Pharrell, but as you watch/hear him talk and read through the post, you’ll see how much of an inspiration he is. Not only to me. But to many others, I’m sure.

Pharrell also appears on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ to promote the book and whatnot which makes for a very entertaining watch for those who don’t know much about the artist/producer/musician/designer.

What Colour is Your Music?


Unless you know me, you’d be surprised by what you may find in my iPod.

An interesting video has come out of the i am OTHER channel (by the one and only Pharrell Williams) which leads to some controversial views. Can we truly label music by color, race, gender or ethnicity anymore? Can you really tell what someone has in their headphones based off race and appearance?

Cris Cab: One Thing


New artist Cris Cab drops his first single ‘One Thing’ which is produced by his mentor Pharrell Williams. Definitely a track to chill to during Summer.