OSKR: Control


Protect the clubs at all costs!

Instead, control the dance floor with new artist OSKR.

Hailing from Melbourne, the young artist manages to mix house, bass and elements of EDM into a smooth blend with his single ‘Control’.

Alina Baraz: Paradise


Here at The 5 to 9 Life, I’m always on the hunt for new music but I prefer to look for the underground stuff that no-one is hearing or that one song that only a handful know about. None of that mainstream music you hear every hour on the radio these days.

Hip hop artist Atmosphere said it perfectly when he rapped ‘I’d rather kill the radio and listen to the rain hit’ on his track, Modern Man’s Hustle. This is pretty much how I feel about the state of music on the radio these days.

But it’s nice to know that there are platforms like Soundcloud to really show you what’s GOOD out there.