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What We Learnt From Day Two at EMC Sydney 2016


After attending EMC Sydney 2016 for the completion of Day One, it was clear that the Electronic Music Conference was more about the music. It was more for those wanting to get in the business or who already are and wanting to learn more about managing their brands, artists, labels and audiences.
Day One left us energised and wanting to go straight home to start working. As for Day Two? Read on to find out our thoughts.

MBFWA: A Q&A with Net-A-Porter and Dion Lee


The last seminar of Australian Fashion Week was hosted by the Australian Fashion Chamber (AFC) Chair and Vogue Australia Editor-in-Chief Edwina McCann who posed the question, ‘Do You Need A Sleeve?’

Confused? Intrigued? A bit of both, perhaps?

That was my reaction too.
Read on to find out what was discussed.

MBFWA: A Discussion About the Future of Sustainable Fashion


It started with food: a slow but sure awakening of our collective conscious to the fact that what we put into our bodies is very important, and we should therefore probably know what’s in it, and where it comes from. We’ve now started to realise that it’s also important to know about what we wear: Who made that dress? Where did they make it? Where does its value lie? How was the material produced?

With a strong movement towards sustainable standards and a need for adaptation to environmental demands a panel of international and Australian brands discussed what pioneering practices are shaping the future of our fashion and the future of our planet in the first seminar of Australian Fashion Week.

Presented by Clean Cut, guests included representatives from Nobody Denim, Cue Clothing Co. and Kowtow.