Newtown Social Club

REMI + Sensible J Impressed Sydney With A Dynamic Performance


Melbourne MC Remi and his right-hand man/bandmate Sensible J are currently touring the country, promoting their new record, “Divas and Demons”, which by the way, is a solid record that you should definitely check out.
They managed to sell out both of their shows in Sydney and we were there on Thursday night to check out all the action. Read on for our review.

Melbourne’s Cookin’ On 3 Burners Are Performing in Sydney This Week For One Night Only!


With the Kungs vs Cookin’ On 3 Burners version of their classic soul joint “This Girl” hitting number one in France, Germany and the UK, the band bring all the heat of their live show to Newtown Social.
In true Burners fashion, it’s set to be all live and full of vibe – with Ivan Khatchoyan keeping those drums tighter than a mosquito’s tweeter, Jake Mason making the Hammond swell and scream and Dan West twanging his guitar like a boss.

Ladies and Gentlemen: your funky feast awaits!

Hip-hop and Jazz go hand in hand with Koi Child


Fremantle seven piece hip-hop/jazz outfit Koi Child recently announced the release of their debut self-titled album and to celebrate they played a few shows across the country last month.

Claire Benito caught the show in Sydney to see how the nu-jazz hip-hop collaborated interactively live on stage full of freestyling, grandiose horn harmonies, obnoxious synth leads – the works!