M.I.A. x Gener8ion: The New International Sound Pt. II


We’ve been patiently awaiting M.I.A.’s return after her stunning 2013 LP ‘Matangi’, and today the Sri Lankan goddess provided us a glimpse of something fresh (About time!).

A collaboration with french producer GENER8ION and director Inigo Westmeier, the visuals for ‘The International Sound (Pt.II)’ stars 36,000 students from Shaolin Tagou, the world’s largest fighting school, which as you watch will capture your attention almost immediately.

M.I.A: CanSeeCanDo


Earlier this morning, M.I.A. shared ‘Can See Can Do,’ the first new music we’ve heard from her since 2013’s ‘Matangi’.

She tweeted out the track with the caption “to my hardcore fans hang in there summer is coming.”

Obviously, the hardcore fans she was referring to only exist in the US.. Whatever. Don’t let that deter you from pressing play though because lucky for her, this song is good.

Azealia Banks: Liquorice


Last time Azealia Banks released a video, it pretty much went viral in an instant, and that was the video for her song ‘212’ (I suggest you Youtube it if you haven’t seen/heard it yet) so she had a lot to live up to with her visuals for her next single, ‘Liquorice’.

Already a fan of the song itself, I didn’t really care what the accompanying visuals to this track was like but I watched it, and she did a pretty good job, turning everyone’s expectations upside down. So fresh!!