Steve Lacy’s TED Talk Will Inspire You to Stop Buying and Start Creating


At only 19 years old, Steve Lacy has an impressive track record. As the guitarist, vocalist and the youngest member of The Internet, the teen has been recognized as something of a musical mastermind. This week, Lacy’s TEDxTEEN talk, “The Bare Maximum,” showcased the exemplary of the mantra, ‘Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.’ Watch it now.

Tsung Chih-Hsien: Mini Power


Whilst this post is not really on the usual Art/Design I tend to touch on within this category, the design aspect and concept of this incredible idea is what I really want to share with you.

Already winning an award for the concept, if this idea works out, ‘Mini Power’ could all provide us with a mini life-saving tool for our iPhones.

Dosh: Syncro


Australian wallet brand Dosh recently released their Syncro range which is a true testament to the Dosh philosophy of streamlining the contents of your pocket.

The new Syncro range provides us with a capsule wallet that is a compact and innovative way to carry your iPhone, credit cards and cash.

With innovative materials and construction, your iPhone 5/5s is surely to survive many years of use and abuse.



I don’t know about you but my iphone is something that I always keep close by. One of three things I always leave the house with, the iphone is the one gadget where I can quickly jot down notes on the go, respond to important emails and listen to my favourite music.

And with all the things I rely on my iphone for, by the end of the day, my iphone is usually down to its last percentage of battery. But now, there is a potential solution to that problem. A great one, in fact.