Theophilus London: Tribe


It’s been a minute since Theophilus London released some new music and I’m pretty excited to hear his new record, if the latest single, Tribe, is anything to go by.

Check out his live performance of the track featuring soul singer Jesse Boykins III.

Whisky Winter: Heavy


Whisky Winter is an Australian folk and electronica duo formed in 2012 by Aaron Malone and Matt Bell.

Their unique sound blends in both these genres with beautifully haunting vocals from the lead vocalist.

Listen to their first single ‘Heavy’ now.

Hellz Bellz Mixtape: In The Mood 4 Summer Love


The ladies behind Hellz Bellz have collaborated with DJ Soulre and recently dropped a new mixtape of music mixes called ‘In The Mood 4 Summer Love’.

This mixtape includes a big chunk of tunes from the era where RnB and hip hop music was at its best: the 90s. If you’re a fan of the nostalgic 90s, you will definitely dig this mix. Listen to it now!