Record Review: Ta-ku – Songs To Break Up To


It’s been a while since I did a write-up on Perth producer Ta-ku but that’s not because I’ve stopped loving his music.

Over the past couple of months, he’s been releasing songs and creating teasers and hype for his newest EP, ‘Songs To Break Up To’ which was released today.

And for me, personally, knowing that a full record was in the works, I wanted to wait for the record to be released so that I could review it in its entirety.

So read on for my thoughts on a very emotionally-driven record.

Kaytranada: Busta Rhymes x Janet Jackson – What’s It Gonna Be? (Remix)


Kaytranada is an artist that makes my ears happy.

Most known for his re-flip of Janet Jackson’s ‘If’, the Montreal-based producer has once again dipped into Jackson’s back catalogue and produced some of his best work.

Check out his fresh spin of ‘What’s It Gonna Be?’ from Janet and Busta Rhymes as he brings you in with funky synths and a catchy bassline.


Kittens: Meow or Never


My girl Kittens (formerly known as Soulre) has officially become the first lady of LA label Huh What & Where. Woohoo!!

To celebrate this well-deserved spot on the label, Kittens sat down with the label for an interview and dropped an official mix.

Listen to her mix while you read the interview and see why, at the age of 23, she is proving that girls can definitely make it in a man’s world.