Tiny Desk Concerts: BANKS


Tiny Desk Concerts often require creative and logistical transformations, from electric bands going acoustic to big bands squashing into a tiny space to many players gathering around a single microphone. But the setting is particularly challenging for vocalists, especially those accustomed to heavy production, like BANKS, whom I’ve written about a handful of times.

She is the latest guest to appear in the NPR office as part of the Tiny Desk Concerts series and her performance is nothing short of amazing. Sweet, sultry and stripped down in an acoustic-esque setting.

Love. Love. Love.

BANKS: Someone New


I am SO excited that the anticipation for the release of BANKS‘ debut record, ‘Goddess’, is finally over, and let me tell you this: the wait was so worth it.

Tomorrow is the US release, and BANKS must all know how long she’s left everyone waiting, because she’s given us another single just before the album’s (US) release, in the form of new single, ‘Someone New’.

BANKS: Goddess


BANKS has released the title track off her upcoming debut album, Goddess.

Brooding and dark, BANKS delights fans and critics alike with her latest release.