Kelsey Lu Wants To Share Her ‘Dreams’ With You


Rising artist Kelsey Lu has premiered her new video for ‘Dreams’ which is taken from her forthcoming EP ‘Church’, set for release on July 8, which in a fun fact was recorded live in a single take at the Holy Family Roman Catholic Church in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with her cello, loop pedal and gorgeous voice. Wow.

A$AP Rocky: L$D


For the record, L$D to A$AP Rocky = Love, $ex and Dreams.

And in the case of this video, the results are more than likely the same – trippy. Very trippy.

André Saraiva: Dream Concerts


French graffiti artist André Saraiva takes MOCAtv to his studio at the Chateau Marmont, where he screenprints the playbills of his concept of ‘Dream Concerts’ before pasting them on city streets.

Based on his own musical tastes, Saraiva’s favourite artists/bands caters to everyone. From mainstream to hipsters to the classics, you have to admit that these are some pretty good line-ups and if it were real, I would happily fork out the cash to see any of these ‘concerts’.

André Saraiva’s next exhibition of ‘Dream Concerts’ will be held at Maison Kitsuné Tokyo from September 4th.

As You Dreamt It


“As You Dreamt It” is a collaboration between dreamers and the creative community to bring dreams out of the dark for all to see. Some of Australia’s finest photographers have helped recreate and capture people’s recurring dreams exactly as they were dreamt.

A unique exhibition delving into the images that we see when we close our eyes at night and what it all may mean.