destiny’s child



Confession: Every time I see that IAMNOBODI has released something new on Soundcloud, I immediately add it to my favourites and usually, because I’m at work and have to get back to finishing a task, I will forget about it and won’t get to listen to said tune(s) until I remember to – days later.

I completely slept on this track. 10 days later and I am finally able to sit down and write about it.

I <3 you for this one. That's all. Peace.

Beyoncé: Grown Woman


Queen Bey has surprised us once again. Not with another album (although I’ve heard some rumours here and there), but an alternative video to one of her hit songs.

The song itself, Grown Woman, was never released as an official track but if you were at any of her recent live shows, you would have heard her belt it out there or you would have seen the original video when you purchased her recently released self-titled album – the one that I still have on repeat.

Check out the *surprise* alternative video for ‘Grown Woman’ NOW.