M.I.A. x Gener8ion: The New International Sound Pt. II


We’ve been patiently awaiting M.I.A.’s return after her stunning 2013 LP ‘Matangi’, and today the Sri Lankan goddess provided us a glimpse of something fresh (About time!).

A collaboration with french producer GENER8ION and director Inigo Westmeier, the visuals for ‘The International Sound (Pt.II)’ stars 36,000 students from Shaolin Tagou, the world’s largest fighting school, which as you watch will capture your attention almost immediately.

MBFWA: Wang Yutao Offered A Modern Take On Classic Tailoring


If you kept up with our social updates during MBFWA, you’ll know that I was meant to have a Standing position for the Wang Yutao show, but I befriended the Runway Manager that evening, and ended up in the second row!

This lead to a a great view of the models as they walked out onto their runway, strutting Wang Yutao’s unique designs. 😉

The Invisible Man: Gun Rack


World renowned performance artist Liu Bolin, aka The Invisible Man, is back doing what he does best: disappearing into his environment.

This time, the artist lends his body to be covered in paint in front of a wall mounted with artillery.

The ‘Gun Rack’ performance took place at Eli Klein Fine Art in New York, where Bolin was assisted by a team of four painters, camouflaging him into the background.