We Chat to Rising Pop Star Scott Helman about Music and Cyber-Bullying


Scott Helman is a name you will be hearing a lot more of in the near future. Who is he, exactly? At the age of 22, singer/songwriter Scott Helman is Canada’s newest star and he’s heading to Australia next week for the first time ever for a couple of intimate club performances. Get to know him better via our latest ‘After Dark Adventures’ and make sure you grab a ticket at one of his shows!

City and Colour Discover A ‘Wasted Love’


City and Colour are finally back with some new material since their 2013 acclaimed album, The Hurry and The Harm. Yay!

The new single, ‘Wasted Love’ is from their upcoming album, I Should Go Before You, and is a song of confessions about a failed romance.

Been there, done that. Listen to the tune that’s totally relatable.

Obey Your Thirst with Drake


Sprite and The FADER have joined forces for a new documentary series titled Obey Your Thirst, in which they will be sitting down with the likes of Nas, Vince Staples, and Isaiah Rashad as well as Drake, whom is the first artist they’ve chosen to profile.

Rochelle Jordan – Back In The Day


Who doesn’t reminisce about things that happened in the past…?

This song really hit me when I heard it the first time.

Just as Rochelle Jordan reminisces about a particular relationship from her past, i couldn’t help but think about my own experiences..

Illangelo x Rochelle Jordan: What The Fuss


Rochelle Jordan is creating that future R&B sound with her latest hit, teaming up with fellow Canadian, producer Illangello – best known for his work behind The Weeknd’s Trilogy mixtape.

Have a listen to the short (Maybe a little too short.) but sweet number.

City and Colour: Captured


Confession: I’m a fan of artists covering songs by other artists. Of course, it’s rare to find a good rendition of certain songs especially if you LOVE the original.

But sometimes (rarely), I’ll come across a cover that sounds better than the original.

Case in point: Canadian Dallas Green has covered New Zealand’s Bic Runga for his latest EP of covers.