Nike: Air Max Camo Pack


Nike’s affinity for packs continues as we get a look at the Nike Air Max Camo collection.

The Air Max‘s inception in 1987 was geared toward running performance, but has since transcended those confines, as causality and style have become the function for its worldwide patrons.

Not lost on the changing landscape, Nike has taken several of its classic Air Max sneakers and added a camouflage print to their designs.

The Invisible Man: Gun Rack


World renowned performance artist Liu Bolin, aka The Invisible Man, is back doing what he does best: disappearing into his environment.

This time, the artist lends his body to be covered in paint in front of a wall mounted with artillery.

The ‘Gun Rack’ performance took place at Eli Klein Fine Art in New York, where Bolin was assisted by a team of four painters, camouflaging him into the background.