The Coachella Line-Up for 2019 Has Been Announced!


Californian music festival Coachella is considered one of the hottest tickets on the festival and celebrity circuit for a slew of reasons, not the least of which is its stellar location. The music festival is held in celebrity ground zero, California, making it almost too easy for Hollywood’s hottest to attend.

Location aside, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts festival – to give it its full due – is everything a summer music festival should be, from sunny skies to incredible Instagrammable moments (hello Beyoncé in 2018!) and an exceptional line-up of music acts. Check out this year’s official line-up.

Watch the Final Parts of NOISEY Bompton’s Music Documentary (Parts V + VI)


Have you been keeping up with VICELAND’s new music documentary series, ‘NOISEY Bompton’?

Kendrick Lamar has invited VICELAND into his hometown of Compton, California for six different chapters that provides an insight into his life, his childhood friends, his schooling days and so much more.

Catch up and tune in to the final two episodes NOW.

Watch ‘NOISEY Bompton: Kendrick’s Compton and Dinner with Lil L’ (Part II)


Compton, California, is one of hip-hop’s most celebrated locales, the birthplace of acts like N.W.A. and, more recently, Kendrick Lamar.

It’s also home to a complicated gang culture. “Noisey Bompton” centers around Kendrick Lamar and the friends he grew up with on the West Side of Compton, many of whom feature on the cover of his album ‘To Pimp A Butterfly.’

Check out the second part of the segment right now.

Watch VICE’s New Documentary ‘NOISEY Bompton: Growing up with Kendrick Lamar’ (Part I)


Kendrick Lamar gets completely candid in NOISEY’S new music documentary, “NOISEY Bompton”, which gives us an insight into Lamar’s hometown of Compton, California or known to some as Bompton, which Snoop describes it on the intro as, “it’s Compton, but it’s where the bloods are at”.

Click on to watch the first part of the six-part series via VICELAND.

Rachel Foxx: Before You (J-Louis flip)


Get ready to explore the depths of music with J-Louis’ funky and contagious flip of Rachel Foxx’s ‘Before You’.

I’m not going to say anymore. I just want you to click on the link below, press play and listen.

VESTIGE: Gas Pedal (Remix)


Trap x Hip Hop. Sounds like a weird combination, right?

But VESTIGE makes it work with this remix of Sage The Gemini’s ‘Gas Pedal’. Check it out.

He’ll have you bouncing in no time AND I bet you won’t be able to get those two words out of your head. Ha.