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Chet Faker Is Tryna Make You ‘Bend’


Hottest 100 champion Chet Faker unveiled a brand new song yesterday, debuting ‘Bend’ – a song that everyone is claiming as “new”, but really is an unreleased track from his award winning debut album Built On Glass. Either way, it’s a win for us!

Oh, he’s also announced a few Australian tour dates for this October and November. Click on to find out all the details.

Concert Review: Chet Faker at Forum Melbourne


Since I moved to Melbourne, I’ve been to quite a few gigs and events. There’s just something about the vibe and culture of this wondrous city. There’s always something happening.

Last weekend, Chet Faker kicked off his Australian tour with a sold-out show and I was there to enjoy the performance in his hometown.

Chet Faker: 1998


I love that Chet Faker’s voice is so distinctive and unique that it is recognisable in any situation. I was streaming a UK reality TV show (A guilty pleasure of mine, and no, I will not be revealing the name of it!) and during one of the scenes, Chet’s voice seeped through and it lit me right up – honestly I found myself lost in Chet’s voice, rather than focusing on what was happening on the show haha.

But why am I droning on about Chet Faker, and what has this got to do with anything?

Well, last week, he released some visuals for his new song, 1998. And whilst the clip itself isn’t all that magical as some would think, it’s the song and his voice that I really want you to listen to.

The bearded musician also released a host of dates for his upcoming Australian tour. Yes!

Chet Faker: Talk is Cheap


Chet Faker has finally released some new music.

The Melbourne-based down-tempo producer recently revealed the details of his highly anticipated debut album, titled ‘Built On Glass’, and released a new video for the tune, Talk is Cheap.

So good.