John Butler Trio Played Guitars in the Wild for ‘Twilight At Taronga’


A live performance is just as important as what comes out of a recording studio, sometimes more. But when a band manages to take their studio recording and elevate it above and beyond in a live setting, you know you’ve encountered a truly talented act.

Last Thursday evening, our writer Claire Benito found this to be true when she witnessed the live performance of John Butler Trio for the Twilight at Taronga Summer sessions. Click through for her review.

City and Colour Discover A ‘Wasted Love’


City and Colour are finally back with some new material since their 2013 acclaimed album, The Hurry and The Harm. Yay!

The new single, ‘Wasted Love’ is from their upcoming album, I Should Go Before You, and is a song of confessions about a failed romance.

Been there, done that. Listen to the tune that’s totally relatable.

Record Review: Jones Jnr – Step on Sleep


JONES Jnr have created a unique sound that makes them distinctive to most other artists trying to ‘make it’ in the industry these days. What sound is that?

One that is a seamless blend of old-school soul mixed with contemporary beats, layering in clear influences of hip-hop, funk and quite possibly, a tinge of pop?

Check out our thoughts on their new record, Step on Sleep.

Yum Yum: Do You Really?


I was sent this song initially whilst at work, and listening to the sounds of Yum Yum through my headphones immediately had me grabbing my pen and writing down notes on a post-it. Yes, a post-it. For the longest time afterwards, I couldn’t find it to share my initial thoughts.

But after that panic subsided and I cleaned up a little, I found it – scribbles and all hehe.

So click the link above for my thoughts on this sassy and infectious tune.

Sonya Teclai: Hurt Me


California-raised artist Sonya Taclei is a new artist that I came across recently during my travels and her new single, Hurt Me, is one that I had to share.

A smooth release that blends the right amount of RnB, hip hop and soul with a hint of the blues.

Listen to it NOW.