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Kelsey Lu Wants To Share Her ‘Dreams’ With You


Rising artist Kelsey Lu has premiered her new video for ‘Dreams’ which is taken from her forthcoming EP ‘Church’, set for release on July 8, which in a fun fact was recorded live in a single take at the Holy Family Roman Catholic Church in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with her cello, loop pedal and gorgeous voice. Wow.

Babycakes Romero: Death of Conversation


Recently on a night out to dinner with my girlfriends, a nearby elderly couple were having dinner and enjoying each other’s company – not constantly looking at their phones. It was such a refreshing sight to see in amongst all the other tables where at least one person had their phone out.
Isn’t it sad that smartphones have taken over our (social) lives?
London-based photographer Babycakes Romero definitely thinks so.

Writer’s Block


In 2012, Hurricane Sandy temporarily halted the production of ‘Cold Comes the Night’, a drama-thriller staring Bryan Cranston.

During that impromptu down-time, Cranston created a contest. He invited the movie’s production assistants to create a script to submit to him, and if he liked it, he’d star in it.

The winner was Brandon Polanco, and the result was ‘Writer’s Block’.

Only now has the short film been released. Watch it.

Miguel: Candles In The Sun (Official Music Video)


There’s one particular tune on Kaleidoscope Dream, where we see Miguel’s serious side.

The fact that Miguel can move away from his sensual and bedroom-inviting tunes, trading bedsheets and candlelight for the church and the streets, shows versatility in the artist and a willingness to explore the social issues of guns and drugs.

His new single, Candles In The Sun, is a clear sign that Miguel is not your average RnB artist.



Disney Animation’s Paperman has debuted online, giving everyone a chance to look at the Oscar-nominated animated short that blends hand-drawn and computer-generated imagery in a beautiful, innovative way that might just look like the future of animation as a whole.