Art Hearts Fashion NYFW with Mimi Tran and Laurel Dewitt


Launched in 2011 “Art Hearts Fashion” events are a leading platform for artistically inspired emerging, celebrity and couture designers to showcase their collections in a contemporary fashion week setting.
This year for NYFW, there were so many designers showcasing their creations down the runway, we HAD to split up our reviews. Check out the best looks from the runway shows of the designer on everyone’s lips, Mimi Tran, and famed designer to the stars, Laurel Dewitt.

BEYONCÉ: Yours and Ours


Surprise! Queen Bey dropped another new video, but this time it’s a documentary and it’s a retrospective short film celebrating the first anniversary of her self-titled debut visual album, BEYONCÉ.

Can you believe it’s been a year since BEYONCÉ #broketheinternet with that record?

Beyoncé: 7/11


The one weekend I chose to take off and spend time with the fam, Beyoncé decided to drop a new video.
Talk about bad timing.
Anyways, you know I had to say something about this new Queen Bey video, right?

Beyoncé: Flawless (Remix)


Though Beyoncé and Jay Z’s 2-hour concert special aired in the US more than two weeks ago, high-quality video from one of the better parts of the show has only just hit the interwebs.

And that would be Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj’s live debut of their ‘Flawless’ remix in Paris, during which the two music superstars recreate the energy of Beyoncé’s jaw-dropping feminist moment at the VMAs earlier this year.

MeLo-X: Drunk in Lust (Version 2)


New York City’s Melo-X is one of those artists that should always be on your radar. You just have no idea what he’ll do next.

With a long list of attributes to his name, Melo-X recently added another to the list when he decided to release a short EP of remixes of a few chosen songs from Beyoncé’s latest self-titled EP.

Click on the link below to listen to one of my favourites.

Beyoncé: Grown Woman


Queen Bey has surprised us once again. Not with another album (although I’ve heard some rumours here and there), but an alternative video to one of her hit songs.

The song itself, Grown Woman, was never released as an official track but if you were at any of her recent live shows, you would have heard her belt it out there or you would have seen the original video when you purchased her recently released self-titled album – the one that I still have on repeat.

Check out the *surprise* alternative video for ‘Grown Woman’ NOW.

Nike She Runs Sydney 2014


Calling all ladies of Sydney!

For those of you who have been running all your lives, those of you who run every weekend (because you’re too scared to run alone at night) or even those of you who just want to be part of a race and cross that finish line, there is an event for you this May thanks to the hard-working people at Nike.

Whichever the reason, Saturday May 3rd is calling your name to participate in an event unlike any other.