One of the Most Prodigious Talents in the Future Soul Soundscape is Berlin-Based Noah Slee


Noah Slee is about to play his first headline show tonight – and it’s in Sydney. Aren’t we lucky?

Noah is a talented vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist, and has been based in Berlin since 2014, collaborating with local producers, musicians, photographers and visual artists on creative projects. His appreciation for producing quality, timeless music is evident in his work.

The 5 to 9 Life was lucky enough to converse with the artist ahead of his show tonight. Check it out.

Noah Slee: Waterfalls


New Zealand native Noah Slee combines traditional soul influences whilst experimenting with electronic production blending an array of genres ranging from future beats, contemporary soul, to indie-electronica.

Check out his throwback to the 90s with a cover of TLC’s ‘Waterfalls’.

Tula: Wicked Game


5 girls.

All vocalists from Sweden but currently based in Berlin.

Now imagine them singing a little ode to heartbreak via a very popular cover.



Confession: Every time I see that IAMNOBODI has released something new on Soundcloud, I immediately add it to my favourites and usually, because I’m at work and have to get back to finishing a task, I will forget about it and won’t get to listen to said tune(s) until I remember to – days later.

I completely slept on this track. 10 days later and I am finally able to sit down and write about it.

I <3 you for this one. That's all. Peace.

Julian Sartorius


A beat a day keeps the doctor away.

That seems to be the case with Berlin drummer, Julian Sartorious, who attempted to make beats each day of the year 2011 (that’s 365 beats!), and as a result, was able to present us with “The Beat Diary”.