REMI Rocked Not One, But Two Sold-Out Shows in their Hometown


Melbourne hip hop duo REMI (aka Remi Kolawole and Sensible J) have just jumped off a major national tour, selling out almost every show along the way! That’s pretty massive right? At The 5 to 9 Life, we were lucky enough to be invited to both their Sydney and Melbourne shows – where all 4 shows were SOLD OUT.
Our Melbourne contributor Krystal Beasley was there in Melbourne at their second last show to catch the action. Check out her review.

REMI + Sensible J Impressed Sydney With A Dynamic Performance


Melbourne MC Remi and his right-hand man/bandmate Sensible J are currently touring the country, promoting their new record, “Divas and Demons”, which by the way, is a solid record that you should definitely check out.
They managed to sell out both of their shows in Sydney and we were there on Thursday night to check out all the action. Read on for our review.