andy allo

Andy Allo: At Your Best


The late R&B siren Aaliyah perfected the kind of sound for her genre that was slow, sexy and intuitive, which in turn saw her becoming one of the greatest influences vocally for everyone creating R&B music today.

Model/singer/songwriter Andy Allo takes on the influence of Aaliyah to another level by channelling the 90s superstar in this cover of ‘At Your Best’.

Record Review: Andy Allo – Superconductor


Unlike the title of her first album, Andy Allo’s songwriting is refreshing and is so needed in music right now.

With her new record, “Superconductor”, her voice is sweet, soft and sultry with an edge, but her lyrics and songwriting skills are what really shine.

Not bad for Prince’s protégé.

Andy Allo: People Pleaser


Andy Allo emerges with the long-awaited visual for ‘People Pleaser’, the super funky number that is to usher in the arrival of her second album, “Superconductor”.

Elements of Prince are obviously present in this mix of saxophones, trombones and bass licks, all done with pristine precision and spunk by the New Power Generation crew who backs Allo up in a sound that makes you want to get up and dance!