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What I Learnt At The David Jones Masterclass


Last week, I took a chance and entered a competition to win a spot to attend “The Fashion Project” – a Masterclass hosted by David Jones – and lo and behold, I actually won!

With a panel of different views including blogger Margaret Zhang, PR phenomenon Montarna McDonald, designers Carmen Duigan and Leigh Hawkes, and stylist Kelvin Harries, it was a very inspiring Masterclass learning about how to make it in the fashion/creative industry.

Above image by David Jones DJ STYLE.

Event Review: PUMA Suede 45th Anniversary


October 16th, 2013 marked the 45th anniversary of the PUMA Suede. A lot of you may have already know that, especially if you’re like us and own a pair or two of your own. But did you know, that the suede had a very humble start back in 1968?

It’s been almost 5 decades since the 1968 Mexico City track and field events, where the suede made it’s debut. It was also the same event where now famed track athlete Tommie Smith broke the 200m record and sparked a fresh, global conversation on human rights.

Last Tuesday night, a special VIP night was held at Sydney’s Alaska Projects to celebrate the Suede’s 45th anniversary.

Read on to find out what went down.