Annie Leibovitz’s New Portrait Series Celebrates 100 Iconic Women


Annie Leibovtiz’s stunning exhibition “WOMEN” is coming to London as part of a grand world tour.

The portrait series is a continually growing project that began 15 years ago as a collaboration with the author Susan Sontag who died in 2004. The photographer has stated that she would like the new images in the collection to reflect the changes in the roles of women in modern society.

Say ‘Hello’ to Adele’s New Single


In Adele’s “Hello,” her first single in three years, the British songstress is greeting someone for the first time in years. Who exactly is on the other side of that “hello”?

Most would assume it’s about an ex-boyfriend, but as Adele revealed, the meaning of her new single is about reconnecting with herself.

Sam Smith: I’m Not The Only One


This week, Sam Smith debuted his scandalous, fiery and heartbreaking music video for his song ‘I’m Not The Only One’.

But everything is not as it seems in this emotionally-charged video. Check it out.