Event Review: CARBON 2014 // Part Two


Okay so my original plan didn’t work.

My love of words and wanting to share what I learnt at the event took over. But can you blame me? There was an abundance of knowledge that was consumed over that particular weekend and I can’t stress enough how much of a major opportunity it is that we have something like this is our country to experience.

Around other parts of the world, they have an entire season of these events!

But for real, I just couldn’t help it. Sharing is caring, right? #ThankMeLater.

Don’t worry, the visuals have continued for the second part of this review. ☺

2014 CARBON Festival


Kicking off at the end of the month on 29-30 March is one of my favourite annual events, hosted by the awesome team over at Melbourne’s ACCLAIM magazine.

CARBON Festival explores the landscape of style, culture and creativity. With forums and panel discussions from leaders in these fields, the two-day event is one of Australia’s premier contemporary festivals.

This year’s CARBON festival will take place at the Storey Hall Auditorium at RMIT University.

Event Review: PUMA Suede 45th Anniversary


October 16th, 2013 marked the 45th anniversary of the PUMA Suede. A lot of you may have already know that, especially if you’re like us and own a pair or two of your own. But did you know, that the suede had a very humble start back in 1968?

It’s been almost 5 decades since the 1968 Mexico City track and field events, where the suede made it’s debut. It was also the same event where now famed track athlete Tommie Smith broke the 200m record and sparked a fresh, global conversation on human rights.

Last Tuesday night, a special VIP night was held at Sydney’s Alaska Projects to celebrate the Suede’s 45th anniversary.

Read on to find out what went down.

FALSE: All Ye Snakes


Amanda S and Le Messie are the co-creators of Singapore label FALSE.

FALSE is one of hip hop star Lupe Fiasco’s streetwear brands.

Le Messie is a co-producer on Fiasco’s hit ‘Fighters’ from his 2008 album, ‘The Cool’, and the two are also the brains behind fashion label Fallacy of Rome and the rock/pop/punk music side project Japanese Cartoon.

Under FALSE, Amanda and Le Messie have produced a number of brands including Better Off Dead and Fucked Up Fiends, whereby this collaborative collection has resulted entitled ‘All Ye Snakes’.

Event Review: CARBON Day Two (Part Two)


The breakdown of CARBON Festival has concluded with the final review now up online.

Covering the closure of the Festival with prolific photographers presenting in Forum D, as well as a visual feed of my time in Burn City, the cessation of the weekend was something I was not looking forward to, as it also meant that my time in Melbourne had concluded.

It was truly a bittersweet feeling.

Event Review: CARBON Day One (Part One)


I’ve been transcribing my notes from the CARBON week that I experienced in Melbourne and I didn’t realise how much i had written down! Whilst I initially thought I could break down the CARBON weekend in two parts, I have a feeling that my review this year will be broken down into four parts!

So here is Part One of Day One.

Happy Reading! 🙂



I’m so excited!!

Why? Because I am making my way back down to Melbourne for this year’s CARBON Festival!

Dubbed the ‘Style and Culture’ festival, CARBON has been going strong entering its third year, and providing Australian audiences with invaluable insider tips from the creatives that live inside the industry we all want to be apart of.