Andy Allo: At Your Best


The late R&B siren Aaliyah perfected the kind of sound for her genre that was slow, sexy and intuitive, which in turn saw her becoming one of the greatest influences vocally for everyone creating R&B music today.

Model/singer/songwriter Andy Allo takes on the influence of Aaliyah to another level by channelling the 90s superstar in this cover of ‘At Your Best’.

Brain: Are You That Somebody?


BANKS covered Aaliyah’s 1998 hit ‘Are You That Somebody?’ on acoustic at a BBC Live Lounge session recently.

BANKS is a girl that I can listen to constantly without feeling like skipping a track – ever. So it comes as no surprise that she totally nailed a sweet acoustic rendition of the 90s classic.

Follow Me: Somethin’ Bout You


New York’s extra-terrestrial electronica duo (Say what?), Follow Me, have released a funky track this work, titled ‘Something Bout You’.

Follow Me’s cinematic synth-wave works surprisingly well within an R&B context. And whilst there isn’t much info on the duo themselves, their remixes and mixtapes definitely speak for them. ‘Something Bout You’ for instance is a rock solid release.

Get ready to dance.

Jelani: Aaliyah – Rock The Boat (Remix)


21-year-old producer Jelani from Germany is currently working on an upcoming Aaliyah compilation which will be released in early June later this year, and this is the first taste from said compilation.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love Aaliyah, and if you’re one of those individuals, you should definitely check out this remix of ‘Rock The Boat’.

Rest In Peace.