Janelle Monáe Releases ‘Dirty Computer’ Short Film


Welcome to the world of “Dirty Computer,” where marginalised people fight to exist in a world that wants to rid them of their “dirt” (read: difference). Janelle Monáe’s “emotion picture” ties her recent music videos into one cohesive, Afro-futuristic whole, a project that you need to take some time out to watch.

Everyone Needs To Watch Tracee Ellis Ross’ TED Talk


Earlier this month, Tracee Ellis Ross opened the annual TED Conference with a speech about the fury women are feeling, and have always felt, and how it’s not something to bury or run from. Rather, we need to listen to that fury and all the wisdom it holds. The video of Ellis’ speech has now been released and it’s a MUST WATCH.

Maggie Rogers Releases Short Documentary ‘Back in My Body’


Maggie Rogers released a documentary this week whose title is also the name of an upcoming song from her full-length debut. The clip explores life after viral success, what it means to the singer, and how she intends to maintain it, because let’s be real, the bar for Rogers is set pretty high. Check it out now.

Watch SZA Collaborate With 6 breakout artists To Talk Struggle and Self-Love


SZA may not have won any Grammys earlier this year, but she’s a champion in her own right, just by virtue of being self-confident as a Black woman. SZA recently did a Mastercard-sponsored documentary entitled ‘Can’t Judge A Book’ about her journey to this point not just as a singer-songwriter, but as a person who is comfortable in their own skin.


Vince Staples Delivered an Electrifying Performance to a Sold-Out Sydney Crowd


From his humble beginnings in Ramona Park, an area of North Long Beach, California – the early Odd Future associate fresh from his Field Day 2018 performance had his own sideshow at one of Sydney’s most favoured venues – Enmore Theatre. The5to9Life team were lucky to catch him at his sold-out show on Saturday 6th January 2018.
Words and photography by Talica Tamanitoakula