The Eternal Dispute: Copywriters vs Art Directors


There is very little information on who exactly created this collection of illustrations but the subject matter intrigued me. Some I could relate to and some made me smile. If we had to define the differences between writers and designers through visual images, this collection would do exactly that.

Check it out.

Osaka Station City: Water Display


Did you ever think that a fountain could be used to tell the time or to display visuals? Well the Japanese sure did and this latest kind of display is purely unique, as it can even display artwork! Mind-blowing.

Come With A Story and Leave With Another


Colsubsidio’s libraries and creative agency Lowe-SSP3 recently showcased these clever prints, each making reference to two famous stories, to illustrate the service the libraries provide of book exchange. The purpose is to point out the fact that customers come in with a story and leave with another.

Can you find both stories in these pieces?

The Story of ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’


If you frequent bookstores, stationery stores or any stores really, you’re probably sick to death of the visual plague of ‘Keep Calm and Carry On‘ parodies assaulting you everywhere you look. However, Temujin Doran’s charming documentary about the creation and rediscovery of the unused World War II poster by Barter Books’ Stuart Manley, goes a long way to quashing the variety of design crimes committed in the poster’s name.

Artist Spotlight: Pol Ubeda Hervas


“I’m Not There” is a series of photographs that depicts a man looking at his shadows, but never revealing the identity of the man himself, except for his shoes. Using the invisible man concept with an added twist, the photographs represent a time in our lives when we don’t recognise who we are.

Going Solo


Wanna know what made me start in the first place?

Check out the following video and make notes of the advice that pushed me to starting this website.

Artist Spotlight: Yayoi Kusama


Simple. Effective. Creative. Colourful. Amazing.

Five words I would use to describe the result of this art installation from artist Yayoi Kusama. Currently featured at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, it will be there until March 11.