Watch The Video to Thandi Phoenix’s new single ‘Count Me Out’

Australian musician Thandi Phoenix has released the self-directed visuals to her latest single, 'Count Me Out,' alongside fellow Sydney songstresses Sarsha Simon and Milan Ring. Check it out!

Last month, Aussie singer-songwriter Thandi Phoenix released her new single ‘Count Me Out’ which is her first solo release since her debut EP, and this month, she’s released the gorgeous visuals to the song.

“‘Count Me Out’ is a sassy song about boundaries and knowing when to say no to people or situations that aren’t in your best interest,” Phoenix said of the song in a press statement. 

Call me when you’ve sorted all your problems
I’m not gonna wait around and solve ’em
Find another shoulder you can cry on
You can count me out

‘Count Me Out’ covers plenty of bases genre-wise, blending pop, house, garage and two-step laced with her silky R&B vocals in a seamless manner.

Directed by Sarsha Simone and Phoenix, the “pretty in pink” aesthetic also stars Milan Ring, Annabelle Ussher and Fraser Chomphunut. There are so many moments in this video that had us wishing we could throw up the heart and heart eyes emoji! Check it out above.

We can’t wait to see what else Thandi Phoenix has hidden up her sleeves!