PWNT Know A Few ‘Shortcuts’

PWNT, the LA-based dream-pop project of Kosta Galanopoulos, is today sharing his new single, 'Shortcuts.'

LA-based but Cocoa Beach, FL-raised artist Kosta Galanopoulos, who performs under the project name of PWNT who’s today sharing his new single, ‘Shortcuts’ which out via Nashville’s Acrophase Records (V.V. Lightbody, Personal Trainer).

Seamlessly fusing the worlds of 60s psychedelia, 90s Britpop, and the sounds of 2010-era acts such as Passion Pit and MGMT, ‘Shortcuts’ arrives as the latest in a run of recent singles from PWNT – an acronym of “Play What’s Not There”, which comes inspired by a Miles Davis quote.

Speaking about ‘Shortcuts’, which welds together reverb-soaked guitars and butter-smooth basslines, summoning a sound similar to Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Melody’s Echo Chamber, and Washed Out, Kosta says: “I cut this track a few years ago at my studio in LA, and ended up recutting the vocals at a bungalow in Miami this past year. My buddy Steven Frieder in NYC cut horns remotely. I was chasing a cruising vibe in the feel of it all.”

The track itself is really vibey with swoony synths and punchy drum beats, creating an indie-pop landscape. Carefully sculpting together different elements of the song allows sounds to build and fold upon one another, erupting into a scintillating horn solo towards the end. 

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