Afterpay Launches New Afterpay Card for In-Store Payments

Afterpay launches the next evolution of in-store payment solution. Just in time for the Easter holidays, customers can simply tap their smartphone at any checkout where Afterpay is accepted in-store. Click through for more info.

I don’t know about you but during 2020 my online shopping experiences increased – ten-fold – even though I wasn’t really going anywhere. My reasons? Not that I needed any but if anyone asked, I was shopping for clothes that I could wear once things were back to normal – whatever that meant. And so with lots of products added to many carts, my preferred payment method during that time was Afterpay. Since then, there have been other similar methods and whilst I’ve tried some of the others, the one I’ve always gone back to is Afterpay mainly for its convenience and that it’s much easier to use than the rest. [Editor’s Note: This post is not promoted by Afterpay. It’s just a service that I personally love.]

Today, Afterpay has announced the Afterpay Card, a new simplified way to make payments. 

Available across retailers that offer Afterpay in-store including fashion, beauty, homewares, tech, kids and more, the Afterpay Card will allow for a smoother shopping experience. 

Using the card, you can now make a purchase in stores by tapping the card icon in the Afterpay app, which opens the Afterpay Card in the digital wallet app. Available with Google Pay or Apple Pay, you can then simply tap on the payment terminal at checkout.  

The new, simplified way to make in-store payments in Australia comes just 5 years after the leading Buy Now, Pay Later provider in Australia first introduced its in-store barcode solution in 2016 in ANZ. 

Following the same model as online purchases, customers can pay for their in-store purchases in four easy interest-free installment payments, making budgeting for in-store payments even easier. 

Personally, I haven’t been shopping in the physical sense in a while, even though restrictions in Sydney have completely eased, but it’s nice to know that paying via the Afterpay Card at the register is an available contactless option

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