Ladies, LIKE TYE, Want To ‘Be That Man’ For You

LIKE TYE is Tyler Rivers and Ty Rome, who after spending many hours honing their R&B/pop crossover sound together, discovered they could create a unique sound as well as a vibrant and playful brand.

While taking advantage of the pandemic lockdown, the duo took advantage of the downtime in the studio refining their distinctive style and building up their catalogue.

LIKE TYE has now announced the release of their debut single ‘Be That Man’, a bonafide R&B/pop tune fuelled with inspired and storytelling lyrics over an R&B throwback-inspired instrumental. 

Inspired by artists like Chris Brown, Usher, Michael Jackson and Ty Dolla $ign, ‘Be That Man’ definitely gives off late-night bedroom vibes with its smooth vocals and luscious beats.

“We wrote this track from the perspective of a person in a relationship where they realise they need to step up before they lose what they have.”LIKE TYE

If you’re a fan of early 2000’s R&B, you’ll definitely notice the throwback to (the instrumentals of) a classic jam that was all over the airwaves when this writer was in High School. Can you spot it?

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