I Miss You

Actor. Activist. Poet. Rapper. Musician.

Riz Ahmed has been making waves on social media and the internet (in general) with his powerful spoken-word performance.

The effects of newly heightened lockdowns are being felt in the UK, with people across the country unable to mix with friends and family in three different tiers of rules. The changes make the timing of Riz Ahmed‘s newly released I Miss You feel even more profound. 

I miss you

I miss seeing you

being with you

breathing with you

Eating your food

No one else make do pyaza as sweet as you do

and no one else can try to tell me what not to do

Secretly, you are my compass needle, the epitome of my people.

Ahmed, speaks to the camera for almost four minutes about life during the coronavirus pandemic. The rap, he says, is “dedicated to the ones we miss and the ones we lost”.

Beautiful and relatable; watch the performance above.

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