REGI FLIH is ‘Bad For Me’

I’ve always been attracted to voices where I cannot see their identity. It just leaves me curious wondering what face matches their voice and who exactly is the person behind that voice crooning through the speakers.

Rising R&B artist REGI FLIH does exactly that – deliberately choosing to hide his face and stay anonymous from social media, promotional material and even his peers.

By hiding his identity, he leaves behind an air of mystery and sexiness that encourages us as listeners and music lovers to focus on what really matters – his voice and the music.

With production work from Dough Related labelmate FRAAN, the singer-songwriter has come through with a perfectly constructed smooth,
bouncy R&B anthem.

Citing Donell Jones, Boyz II Men, Miguel and the Weeknd as his main influences, Flih describes the track as a portrayal of “a seductive relationship between a male and female, from the viewpoint of a male protagonist. Through the journey, he continues to describe that, in this particular relationship, whatever the male needs the female companion is willing to comply.”

Listen to the seductive new single below.

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