Stop Everything: You Have to Watch Lizzo’s ‘Tiny Desk’ Performance!

Lizzo brought her band and her flute to NPR’s “tiny ass desk” for the latest instalment in the concert series. She belted out three of her biggest hits for the "concert". Seriously, stop whatever you're doing and just enjoy this moment.

Lizzo starts another week in 2019 as the talk of the town after blowing the roof off the NPR offices with her Tiny Desk performance.

The singer, rapper, flautist, and star of the upcoming film “Hustlers” started her set with a bang by performing the title track of her newest album “Cuz I Love You”.

What followed was her singles ‘Truth Hurts’ and ‘Juice’ mixed in with affirmations about self-love, condemnation of toxic romantic partners, and jokes about sitting at the office’s “tiny ass desk.”

Lizzo, a classically trained flautist, ended her Tiny Desk set by pulling out her flute named Sasha to breeze through two solos during ‘Juice.’

By the end of her set, the musician had the entire small office singing along and cheering for her, proving that the moment she’s having might just be more of a movement.

Lizzo’s 2017 single ‘Truth Hurts’ has now been in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 for 3 weeks, and now even her 2016 song ‘Good As Hell’ is finding a new audience and climbing the Spotify charts.

We STAN LIZZO! All hail the QUEEN! <3

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