GOLDS Shares New Single ‘Don’t Care’

Amali Golden has officially joined the ranks of Lisa Mitchell and Ngaiire for being an Australian Idol alumni that is making the coolest of indie pop and here she is with a new single in the form of 'Don't Care.' Check it out now.

Amali is a name you don’t easily forget. When I was sent an email about the artist, I couldn’t figure out where I knew her from, but after a little digging and some scouring of the PR pictures that were provided to me, I noticed the familiar features of a certain Australian Idol contestant from back in the day, but now that that mystery has been solved, I shall move on.

Singer/songwriter/actress GOLDS (Amali Golden) has released a new single, ‘Don’t Care,’ giving audiences a teaser of what’s to come from her forthcoming EP.

‘Don’t Care’ pairs GOLDS’ powerful vocal performance with layered synths and electronic influences, all the while giving an undeniable nod to the 90s/00’s era of R&B that we will never get sick of.

Co-written and produced by Beau Golden (Ruel, M-Phazes, Daniel Johns, Vera Blue) the new release sees GOLDS move effortlessly from the dreamy, introspective “Broken Wing” into impassioned R&B, cementing her as an immensely diverse artist to watch.

Hit play and check out her thoughts on what the song is all about below:

“Don’t Care is about accepting that relationships evolve and sometimes they no longer serve you (be it in friendship or in love). It’s an anthem to stand up for your own wants and needs, and also to show the other person enough respect to let them go.”

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