Lee Mathews Celebrated 20 Years at MBFWA with a Retrospective Collection

Today, the Australian fashion world celebrated Lee Mathews and her impressive 20th anniversary. In a raw hanger at Sydney’s Carriageworks, the set saw a simple sheer botanical curtain float above the exposed cement floor. It was a fashion retrospective of the most modern nature.

Today, Lee Mathews celebrated 20 years in fashion with a deeply retrospective resort collection full of their creative craftsmanship over the past two decades: signature prints, elegant drapery, languid silhouettes, paintbrush strokes, attention to detail, expert handiwork, and volume aplenty.  

The show focused on its core DNA of simplicity, inclusivity and sustainability, which is so important in fashion going forward. The reworked prints and fabrication from archive collections bought it back to the root of the brand, with some of Mathews‘ best pieces being made again for a new audience. 

The collection is an all-rounder, with wardrobe basics, utilitarian jackets and puff sleeves; all pieces for the modern women with a multifaceted wardrobe.

The brand’s classic sheer materials were present, as were longer silhouette dresses, which Lee is known for.

The Resort ’20 collection was considered not only to be an evolution of the brand but the evolution of their clothing. Plus, with the introduction of footwear, it really was a special collection to mark 20 years.

Also, props to Ms Mathews for casting so many women of colour in their shows! I was quietly cheering when I saw these beautiful women walk down the runway! Yass!

All photos captured by Khiera Nicole for The 5 to 9 Life