S U M Are Coming to Australia for a Run of Shows

New York City hybrid pop/jazz/soul/funk 7 piece band S U M (pronounced soom) debut their dynamic and spirited “The Welcome Tour” show April 18th in Sydney and April 19th and 20th in Melbourne. One of the most exciting emerging acts to visit our shores, S U M’s strong message of self acceptance and authentic self expression anchors the bands philosophy, splintering into the magic of their genre bending sound. Click through for more details.

Pronounced “Soom,” a Latin word meaning “To Be,” encourages people to be true to themselves and to others. Reflecting that philosophy in their music, which is at times hard to classify or brand, their fusion of jazz, funk, soul and pop showcases their versatility and prolific musical skills. 

Founding members, Steve Belvelus and Patryce Williams, are the co-creators. Belvilus, the main composer and driving force behind the band, brings to the table a resume of experience ranging from Broadway to pop greats, which accounts for his diverse approach to each song. Williams is an actress as well as a singer, and blends theatre and jazz together, adding to that diversity.

Bringing the full six-piece band to our shores this April will be the second time S U M have visited Australia. Check out their official dates below and make sure you grab tickets to catch the duo performing live.