Kehlani and 6lack Have Released Visuals For Their Hit Single ‘RPG’

Kehlani and 6lack meditate on romantic disconnect in their minimal new “RPG” video. Throughout the clip, the duo appear in and out of a glass room filled with plants and old-school push-button telephones that go notably unused. As time passes, the vegetation grows wildly throughout the space — suggesting the passage of time without true connection. 'RPG' appears on Kehlani’s recently issued "While We Wait" mixtape. Watch the official video right now!

Kehlani‘s recent release of her mixtape “While We Wait” has been one of our favourites for 2019 and her single ‘RPG’ with assisted vocals from 6lack was definitely a stand-out for us.

This week, we were both surprised and excited to hear that the duo have dropped the official visuals for the single.

Surprised, because Kehlani is a new mother and who knows when she had the time to film this – for the record, the 23-year-old admitted she was almost nine months pregnant during the video shoot, before announcing that she had given birth to her first daughter, Adeya Nomi, on March 25. 

“While We Wait” should hold fans over in the meantime, while Kehlani concentrates on being a mom and working on her sophomore album.

And excited, because ‘RPG’ was one of those songs we just kept going back to upon the mixtape’s release. We still do to this day.

On her Sunday Gems show on Beats1 Radio, Kehlani shed some light on the meaning of ‘RPG’. She confirmed that insecurity in a relationship is the song’s main theme. In addition to explaining what the song meant, she also explained its title ‘RPG’. According to her, the song’s title is an acronym for the phraserole playing games”

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