H.E.R Finds Herself Choosing Between Love and a ‘Hard Place’

H.E.R. recently dropped the emotional video for her single "Hard Place", the latest from her 2018 album I Used to Know Her: Part 2. The clip mirrors the singer's real-life rise and shows her career rapidly outpacing that of her love interest - leading to some tense moments and tough decisions. It also gives us a glimpse as to what the singer-songwriter looks like without her signature glasses, just in case you've ever wondered.

After her two Grammy wins and stellar Coachella performance, H.E.R. continues her incredible year with the video for ‘Hard Place.’

The autobiographical clip documents the relationship between H.E.R. and her boyfriend Leo, two aspiring musicians. After a joint gig, a label rep tries to sign H.E.R., which creates tension in the relationship. But Leo tells her to take the meeting and she eventually becomes the successful solo artist known as H.E.R., playing to packed crowds at arenas while he is left with small club gigs. They try to support each other, but the fame and success test their relationship.

“What if nothing ever will change / I’m caught between your love and a hard place,” sings H.E.R.

‘Hard Place can be found on H.E.R.’s November EP “I Used to Know Her: Part 2.”